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Giving Afro-Caribbean communities the tools to achieve economic stability and excellence.

Expert advice & support.

Utilising expertise in both the public and private sector, the ADBSF supports Afro-Caribbean sole traders and LTD businesses. By allocating resources and reducing barriers to business networks, the ADBSF provides a robust social and economic infrastructure that gives equal opportunities for Afro-Caribbean entrepreneurs to grow their existing businesses.
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We offer the human, physical, intellectual and financial resources to help Afro-Caribbean businesses scale & thrive.


Offering financial grants to support business growth. From incorporation fees to operational costs.


Financial training & support. Helping cash flow, with smart software & training.

Legal & Accounts

Assistance from chartered accountants & lawyers. 


Building rigorous business strategies for the modern market.


Discounted business services to help your business thrive in the new normal.


Leveraging established networks to support business development & mentoring.

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If you are a black entrepreneur join our African-Diaspora Business network to receive exclusive offers & benefits. Take your business to the next level with modern business solutions at better rates.

Current offers:

Get free digital healthcare for 6 months. Helping you & your employees to stay safe and grow your business during COVID-19.

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Our mission is to supply an equitable business platform. Your support won’t just transform the lives of the business owners we fund but also their community and our entire country as a whole.

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If you're a UK BME business owner get in touch to find out how the ADBSF could help you grow today.
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